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That is quite extraordinary! Thank you very much for these questions. I have always had problems during interviews – couldn’t grab the attention of my would-be employer. Because of that, I was always left with nothing. However, these information changed my behaviour and I already noticed a difference in the way people look at me during conversations! Thanks a lot for this!

Jack - New York
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Wouldn’t think such easy things can change anything. Apparently, I was wrong. I can’t find the right work for me, so I change it quite often. Now, thanks to this article, I will know how to avoid embarrassing conversations and troubling topics during interviews. Cross your fingers for me, I am going to apply these questions very soon!

Daniel - Los Angeles
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I was looking for a way to help my brother out because he was always so stressed out! Didn’t think even such small details have so strong impact on the way employers look at my brother and other potential employees. Thank you a lot, I will show it to him and explain what I would do if I were on his place. Keep up the good work and carry on with new tutorials and questions!

Mary - Dallas

Many people are interested in getting a good job with high salary and perfect work conditions. Of course, You need to have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and skills. You also need to meet many different requirements. One of them is passing through a special hiring procedure that differs according to the employer. Many companies decide to use interviews in early and advanced stages. This process allows for choosing the most appropriate people with knowledge, skills and other advantages that fit the specific job position. Job interviews can be divided isto phone and eye to eye interviews.

Each job candidate needs to remember that early stages allow for performing initial screening, so candidates who pass to the next level, meet the minimum requirements of the employer. According to the hiring strategy, the employer can choose to use only one or more interviews performed by different staff members and the hiring manager. The best candidates who perform well during these interviews will advance to the next recruitment stage and they will also increase their chances of getting a lucrative job that suits their needs.

In case of this kind of recruitment, candidates cannot use their notes and read them to the interviewer (it is possible in case of phone interviews). Eye to eye interviews require good body language and clear, helpful answers. Of course, You are not allowed to use notes, but You can prepare for these interviews by checking the most popular and common interview questions. There are special sets of questions and example answers on the market that can be inspiring for You. Thanks to them, You will get some information about what to expect during the interview, so You will be not surprised and You will be able to provide good answers that increase Your chances of getting a well-paid job position.

Good preparing for a job interview

In many cases of early-stage job interviews, employers are interested in searching for some general, high-level information associated with job candidates, their background, skills, motivation, values, etc. On the basis of these pieces of information, companies are able to choose people who qualify for the next stages of the hiring process. They talk about the background of an employee and they want to know why does he or she want to work for a company.

Of course, different companies who employ people, use their own, different sets of job interview questions, but in most cases, We are able to find some universal questions used by many employers. It means that searching for a good source of common interview questions will increase Your chances of getting a job because You will be able to prepare well for these interviews. We need to remember that these are only examples – there are no universal answers that are ideal for different employers, but these examples can be inspiring and they will make the preparation process much easier.

Some interesting examples of job common interview questions and answers


Below, You can find some common interview questions that can be asked by hiring managers and interviewers. You can also find interesting and inspiring examples of good answers to these questions.

1. Tell us about yourself.


In many situations, recruiters start the interview with this question about the background and some basic information about You, Your experience or current job position. In the answer, You can explain Your experience, education, and background. Focus on Your good points that make You well qualified for a specific job position. You can tell something about Your private life, but recruiters are interested especially in job qualifications and accomplishments.

Example answer: “In my current job, I am responsible for the work as an assistant of two members of the executive team in our company including our CEO.

Thanks to my large, 12-years experience in this job position, I have developed the ability to anticipate problems and to create good, effective plans that serve as alternatives. I think that my biggest value is the ability to work independently with the focus on business needs and requirements.

I understand that You are searching for a person who is able to solve issues of a CEO’s busy day in a proactive and effective way. I focus on details and good organization, so I create clear day plans that are clearly communicated.”

2. Can You describe yourself?


The questions are similar to the first one, but in this situation, You do not have to focus on Your previous job positions and background. This question is important for employers because it allows for getting useful information about the qualities and skills of job candidates that make them perfect for a specific job position. While answering this question, You need to focus on all Your advantages that are relevant to the position You are applying.

Example answer: “Ideal final result is a key factor for me. I also very often check the goal, so I know how close or far am I and I know what to do to reach the goal without wasting time. I like this type of pressure because it works as an additional inspiration for me and my team. Over the past year, my group was able to shorten the average product time to market by seven weeks.”

3. What makes You unique?


Job interviewers very often ask this question to see if You are more qualified than other candidates that take part in interviews. While answering this question, focus on the benefits that the company will receive thanks to hiring You. Of course, You do not know other candidates, so a good answer can be challenging.

Example answer: “In my opinion, I am unique because of my large experience in the branch of retail sale. I know a lot about processing shopper’s complaints, questions or feedback, so I know what to they want. I also know how to create a positive consumer experience, because my past experience includes direct work with consumers in person.”

4. Why are You applying for this job position?


Job interviewers ask this question very often because they want to determine whether or not the job candidate performed research to learn more about the company. The best method of preparing for this question is learning about the products, services, culture, values, history, and mission of the employer. You can find valuable information in press releases, news and on the official website of an employer. It is good to mention the aspects of the company that is relevant to Your career and goals.

Example answer: “I have got a large knowledge, experience, and skills associated with Your industry, so in my opinion, I am a perfect candidate for this job position. Environmental protection is my passion. I also think about some changes that will help me to develop my skills and I think this will be possible in Your company.”

5. Why do You want to get this job position in our company?/Why are You leaving Your current job?


Thanks to this question, job interviewers are able to collect some information about Your current job status. You need to remember that You have to avoid providing negative information or description associated with Your current or past employers. Many people do this mistake and they lose their chances of getting a job.

Example answer: “I am searching for an opportunity that allows for building close, long-term relationships with clients. In my current job, the sales cycle is so short and I do not spend much time on building business relationships. Relationship building is one of the most important factors for me and I am looking for a company that focuses on this aspect of sales”.

6. What are Your biggest advantages?


Thanks to this question, You can talk about some technical and soft skills. Focus on Your qualities and personal attributes that are related to the job position that You are applying for.

Example answer: “I am a person who knows how to solve different, even very difficult problems. I know how and where to search for solutions. In the case of product development tasks, it is important to look for innovative solutions to challenging issues – this is very important for me and my career”.

7. Why are You interested in working here?


People who perform job interviews can also ask You why do You want to work for a specific company, because they want to know about Your values, motivation, etc. It is good to do the aforementioned research by visiting the company’s page on the Internet. These sites very often provide valuable information that will make the answer less challenging. You can also look for some recent news and press releases associated with the company that offers the job position that You are applying for. You can answer that You are very interested in the mission, product or industry growth.

Example answer: “I have got a very large experience in hotel activities and I am looking for a hotel that focuses on the growth, achievements of employees and on the maintaining the best possible experience for guests. I know a lot about this and I also know that Your hotel decided to implement a special rewards program that provides benefits for new and regular customers and guests. I think that it is a great idea and I would like to become a part of this program”.

8. What are Your salary expectations?


Of course, salary is one of the most important aspects of any job, so it is not strange that this kind of question is very common during different job interviews. Thanks to this question, interviewers will be able to understand if You have got too high, too low or ideal qualifications for a job position. You can provide a range of amounts in Your answer, so You will show that You are flexible and You will also inform about the expected amount of money.

In further recruitment stages, employers will talk about salaries and they will propose some negotiations associated with this aspect, so it is good to check the average salaries for the job position.

Example answer: “I think that the best payment in case of this job is about $45000 to $55000. In my opinion, it is an ideal payment range that meets my requirements and it is relevant for my experience, knowledge, and skills.”

9. Do You have any questions?


In many situations, interviewers give You an opportunity of asking some questions. Thanks to them, You will not only get some important information, but You will also show that You are really interested in the job position and that You are a good, active listener.

If You have got questions about the values and history of a company, it is much better to look for some press releases, news and to check the employer’s official website. Your questions can be based on information found in the aforementioned sources. Thanks to this, interviewers will notice Your initiative and they will appreciate the fact that You want to learn something more about the employer.

Where can we look for common interview questions?


Appropriate preparing for a job interview is a very complex and important procedure. Fortunately, You are able to find some help in many different sources, like books and sets of common interview questions. They also include examples of good answers and practical explanations and pieces of advice. Of course, You have to think about real answers that are associated with Your current status, but these sets of questions and answers can be inspiring and useful.

Many companies offer special sets of questions and answers prepared by professional job interviewers. They know what is important, so users of these questions and answers are able to prepare very well for their interviews. You can be sure that buying the most common interview questions will increase Your chances of getting a well-paid job. These sets of questions, answers, explanations, and pieces of advice, are not expensive. Everyone, even beginners, is able to find these useful resources without problems on the Internet with the use of a simple search engine.

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