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Behavioral Interview Questions

Why you need behavioral interview questions?

Getting a good, well-paid job is a very important task for adult people who want to get funds for themselves and their families.

Of course, education and good skills in different occupations are key factors that everyone should focus on, but it is also important to remember that the best companies choose from many specialists, so the competition in the labor market is quite large.

The best companies that look for specific workers, very often organize special job interviews.

These interviews provide important information about potential employees, their job qualifications, behavior, and special characteristics that will be useful in their future job position.

Everyone who is interested in getting a good job, need to prepare for the aforementioned job interviews.

It is important to show all job-specific certifications, school report cards, and other documents required by the employer (curriculum vitae, cover letter, etc.).

What is more, it is a good idea to prepare for different behavioral interview questions that may be asked by the personnel responsible for recruitment.

During a job interview, there is a high possibility that you will be asked different types of behavioral questions.

It is good to look for some additional information that allows for preparing to such interviews.

There is a large group of common questions, so it is good to know them in advance, so You will be able to prepare for answering these questions in the most appropriate way that increases the chances to get a job.

Behavioral interview questions – things you need to know

Many types of companies that represent different branches, use special behavioral job interview techniques that allow for selecting the best possible employees for specific positions.

Compared to traditional job interview questions, which focus on describing what You did or on sharing qualifications, these questions have got the main task to look for concrete and good examples of Your skills and experiences associated with the job position that You are interested in.

These types of questions are very popular among more and more companies in different countries and different branches of the economy. People who organize such interviews will ask how you handled different situations, so you need to explain Your past actions.

Thanks to the appropriate behavioral interview questions and answers, companies are able to find people who are ideal for specific job positions. The logic of this technique says that people who succeeded in the past will also be able to succeed in the future.

Examples of the most popular Behavioral job interview questions and the best possible good answers!

Here You can find some examples of behavioral interview questions and answers you may be asked in the course of a job interview. They also include examples of answers, but You need to remember to tell the truth about You, so if You know a question, You need to think about the best possible answer for You.

There is no one universal good response. Of course, our examples of answers are also very important because You will find many important types of information.

For example, it is good to tell anecdotes and to give very concrete examples of Your past work and successes.

Of course, it does not mean that You have to write the answers and to memorize them, but you need to have a sense of what experiences are good to share with the interviewer. You also have to know how to describe them.

1: Tell me about Your effective work under pressure in the past

In case of this type of question, it is good to give a concrete answer associated with a past situation in which you did not have problems with the work under pressure.

Of course, focus on real events and do not tell lies, because interviewers may ask additional questions to check if You are telling the truth.

The example of an answer: I had been participating in a very important project with a deadline 60 days after the contract signing. After a few days, my supervisor told me that we need to be faster because the project must be ready after 40 days.

Fortunately, I and my co-workers added a few hours to each schedule and we were able to realize this challenging task in 38 days. Of course, it was teamwork, but I think that my allocation of tasks was the key factor in this project.

2: Give me an example of your methods of handling a challenge

Interviewers want to know how do You realize difficult and challenging tasks, so it is a good idea to describe a situation in which You had to face up some unexpected difficulties.

The example of an answer: My boss had to leave unexpectedly and left me alone with our new potential client.

I had to create a briefing and presentation on the basis of my employer’s notes, so I did it and it was successful.

3: How did You handle Your eventual mistakes?

Of course, people are making mistakes, so do not lie that You are perfect. Interviewers want to know how can You handle difficult situations caused by Your mistakes.

They also want to get information about Your reactions and learning on such mistakes.

The example of an answer: There was a situation in which I misquoted the fees for club membership. I explained this mistake to my employer who appreciated my honest behavior. He told me to waive the fee. In the end, the member joined our club and I learned that I need to pay close attention to important pieces of information.

4: Tell me how do You set goals – give me an example

There are many behavioral interview questions and answers associated with the specific skills of a potential employee.

This one asks about a very important skill of setting goals – it is required in all job positions.

The example of an answer: My first job position was the work of a sales associate. It decided to work my way up to the position of a department manager that allows for earning money that is required to go to my ideal school.

5: Tell me how did You achieve a specific goal in the past

This question allows for getting information about the employee’s ability to reach specific goals. This skill is very important in many job positions in different branches.

The example of an answer: At the beginning of my work for XYZ company I decided to achieve the Employee of the Month title. This challenge was motivated not only for me but also for other people in the company.

I performed my tasks with the utmost care and I was very helpful to my colleagues and customers. I enjoyed my work and thanks to my positive attitude, I earned the title after four months.

Of course, there are also many other types of behavioral interview questions and answers that are associated with different skills of an employee.

Interviewers may ask about teamwork issues, dispute settlement, difficult situations or motivation.

It is good to know all the possible types of questions and prepare to give good answers that will improve the chance to get a good, lucrative job.

Always tell about real examples from Your past work .Interviewers ask different questions to determine the possibility of gaining success by a candidate on the basis of specific examples of tasks and problems that an employee may encounter in his or her job.

In most situations, You will be asked to present concrete situations in which You decided to perform concrete actions in responding to problems or other events. You will also be asked about the results of these actions.

Of course, You need to present these situations and Your experiences very clear, using real examples.

The most important element of your answer is highlighting situations associated with Your success.

You can use different techniques and special packs of possible questions, so You will be better prepared for such interviews.

How to prepare for a behavioral interview ?

You can prepare for an interview. The first thing You need to do is to review the job requirements.

It is also a good idea to prepare a list of behavioral skills that are associated with these requirements. You can write some examples of situations in which You applied these skills at work, school, or as a volunteer.

Additional help in the preparation process. Fortunately, You are not alone, because there are many interesting products available for people who are worried about their behavioral job interviews.

These products were prepared by professional interviewers who know why do they ask such questions and what do they want to know thanks to them.

The first interesting product includes a pack of the best behavioral interview questions and answers.

It includes many examples of different questions that may be asked during the interview. It is good to know the most popular questions and match real answers associated with our past experiences to them.

These packs of questions and answers are not very expensive, so You should treat them as an investment. Thanks to them You will increase Your chances to get a good, lucrative job.

There are also special books with additional tips for people who are preparing for behavioral job interviews.

They also include many examples of questions, answers and they also provide some practical pieces of advice.

Buying such books and packs with questions and answers is a very good idea for anyone who wants to increase his or her chances for a job in the course of a the best behavioral job interview.

Additional useful tips for people who want to prepare for a job interview

Every person who is interested in increasing the chances of getting a good job, need to think very seriously about common behavioral interview questions and answers.

There are some actions that can be very helpful before and during the interview. Here are some of them:

Think about past situations that represent Your good actions or behaviors, especially involving work experience, leadership skills, teamwork, initiative, customer service or planning.

Prepare a good, but not a very long description of each situation, but You also need to think about more detailed descriptions, because interviewers may ask for more details.

Of course, each story needs to have the beginning, middle and an end. You need to be ready to describe different situations, tasks, your actions, and their results.

You need to focus on actions and results that reflect positively on You, even in case of not very good results. It is very important and may improve Your chances of getting a well-paid job.

Absolutely be honest and to not tell lies. Do not embellish or omit some parts of Your story, because interviewers may ask additional questions to find out if Your story is real or fake.

Give specific answers. Do not generalize about many events. Describe only one, the most appropriate event in a detailed manner.

Give various examples from different areas of Your life.

You need to answer Your questions according to the STAR method. It is a practical method of responding to a behavioral interview question by discussing the specific situation (S), task (T), action (A), and the result (R) of described situation.

Make sure that You follow all the rules of this STAR method in Your answers. Provide specific information and tell about the results of your actions. Focus on situations that show You in a positive light.

Where can I look for help?

There are many companies that offer helpful books with practical tips and examples of questions and good answers.

They can be found on the Internet without problems. Good companies offer handbooks created by experienced job interviewers who know the state of the art techniques.

Buying their books is a good investment in Your future because you will know the best and most popular behavioral interview questions and You will be able to prepare real answers that will show you in a positive light and increase your chances to get Your dream job.

Searching for these helpful solutions is not difficult and it does not take much time.