About us

Everyone wonders how to get the dream job without the slightest problems. Becoming a programmer in a rapidly developing company provides a lot of benefits and it is a great way to start your career. However, becoming the member of the professional team is extremely difficult, since you need to fulfil more specific, personalized requirements. That is why we decided to create an article with tutorial that will step by step guide you through the process of the interview.

We prepared for you not only a clarification of what to do during the interview and what you should know, but also the examples of interview questions. But why did we decide to spend our free time on creating this guide? How these inquiries will help you? The people responsible for creating this article are the professional JS and SQL programmers, who know how hard it is to find the right type of job.

What’s more, we are the interviewers ourselves and we know what the employers look for. Despite the fact you can be great in programming skills, some companies look for particular methods of programming that require applying special libraries or networks. What’s more, some employers will focus on getting to know how last projects of yours looked like, when did you join it, and what was your role. Thanks to that, it will help them learn what your approach to the choice of the technology is as well as how engaged you were in the project.

Our goal was to show you that in addition to skills, you also have to focus on other elements. When we look back at our careers, it is clear that all these tutorials would be very precious and they would help us greatly in getting the ideal job. So now, we believe they will help you too!