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December 2, 2018


Javascript Interview Questions

A lot of people think that finding the ideal job is difficult and cannot be done without having good contacts. Well, in many cases the only way to get the profession you are really interested with is by a friend or acquaintance. Luckily for you, there are some suggestions that may help you in passing through the most difficult element of job acquisition, which is job interview. The following article will provide you with essential information regarding the profession itself, about the reasons why people keep applying for this position, and many other things that will help you familiarize with the subject. What’s more, we will give you a glimpse of what javascript interview questions to expect and help you prepare for one of the most important days in your life. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into some basic information regarding this profession!

Who is a Javascript programmer? And why need…


Before we tell you more about javascript interview questions, let’s find out more about the profession. Javascript is a script programming language, which is most often used during creating Internet web pages. Created in the late 90’s, it became one of the most popular, and surely one of the most wanted scripts on the market. It is usually used when we want to ensure some kind of interaction after clicking the button. Thanks to the possibility of introducing different values, we can also validate the data, or even create complex visual effects. Due to its popularity and relatively simple structure, Javascript is very often used by almost every technological company.

Javascript programmer is, as you probably figured that out, a person responsible for writing this type of code. Usually, common computer analyst graduates from Information Technology universities with the appropriate faculty. However, in order to be a good JS writer, it is mandatory to fulfil several requirements. First of all, a good programmer should always look for a new JavaScript framework. New tools are coming out every day. If one wants to be a good JS writer, it is essential to know most of the popular ones. What’s more, being capable of adjusting to the situation and applying appropriate frameworks or libraries is as crucial, as the basic knowledge about programming itself. Let’s not forget to be up to date with latest creations. JavaScript programmers do not possess any specialized certificates, since the JavaScript market is constantly changing.

Why people are so interested with this profession?

We could discuss the topic quite broadly, but to be honest there are several, crucial reasons why JavaScript programmer is so interesting option. First of all, some companies offer working from home, which is extremely important for those, who have other duties. It lets you save a lot of time you would spend on commuting. What’s more, the possibility to work without constant supervisor is also interesting, especially if we work at our own pace and there are some methods we apply that wouldn’t be allowed in an office. Let’s not forget about other benefits of working as JavaScript programmer – a lot of perspectives! The possibility to develop, to widen our knowledge, and of course independence.

Still, the most important element of the work is more than average earnings. This is essential element to which each and every programmer pays particular attention. Earning more than average employees while working from home, without any limitations or restrictions – almost like a dream comes true!

Who’s suitable for this job?

Unfortunately, not everyone can become a successful programmer. As it was mentioned earlier on, the possibility to develop constantly is not only an advantage, but also a bit of downside. You are forced to always be up to date with the latest tools and updates. What’s more, a good JS writer needs to apply different libraries and frameworks in order to meet the requirements imposed by the employer.

A person, who cannot organize his time may find it difficult to become a successful JS programmer. The job requires from you great time organization and management, especially if you work from home. There, no one will tell you when to work or where to work. These situations can be discouraging and demotivating all the time.

How to prepare yourself to get the job? Get…


In this section we will show you a few tricks that will help you get the job. We will also tell you what things are the most important and how employers choose their programmers.

Everything you need to know about skills

As we already mentioned, programmers’ skills vary extensively and it all depends on the employer what kind of programmer he or she is looking for. Therefore, we cannot provide you the list of competences and knowledge all programmers need to know. Still, it is very important to be up to date with the latest frameworks. The capability of using different libraries and different tools is greatly appreciated. However, a good programmer should also know how to code everything from the scratch and which method choose in order to perform the task as efficient as it is possible. Still, the characteristics of this job makes it very difficult to find a perfect combination of required skills.

Everything you need to know about the interview…


Are by far one of the most important, and certainly the most crucial elements of each and every job acquisition. This is the moment, when you are asked about your competences. This is when you have to show that you are familiarized with variety of libraries. You may even be asked to give examples of some of the most suitable methods thanks to which they will understand how you operate and what your priorities are.

What else is important? Where to look for extra help?

There are much more to be added regarding the profession, javascript interview questions, and the requirements themselves in general. You can find a lot of tutorials and extra articles that will help you prepare yourself. In our view, a great way to get ready for the interview is by looking at this page: Find Job Helper .There, you can find the most important information about how the interview looks like. What is more important, you will find there examples of javascript interview questions you might be asked during the talk!