Many people want to get a lucrative job that allows for receiving money for themselves and families. These people focus on education and training their skills in different occupations, so they are able to show how good they are during a job interview. It is also important to remember that many companies who are interested in recruiting new employees, hire specialists who know what type of questions should they ask. The largest firms that offer the best jobs choose from many specialists, so job interviews include many different types of questions associated with job qualifications, knowledge and other important characteristics suitable for the future job position.

There are different types of jobs that are very popular these days. Many people are interested in becoming a programmer. People who want to become programmers need to know different programming languages. One of them is called JavaScript. It means that You need to prepare very well for a job interview associated with a JavaScript programmer job. It is good to show all job-specific documents, certifications, school report cards and other documents that may increase Your chances during a job interview. Appropriate preparing for JavaScript interview questions, that may be asked by the interviewers, is a very good idea.

During a JavaScript programmer job interview, there is a high possibility that recruiters will ask You different types of questions associated with the aforementioned programming language. It is good to search for some additional information that allows for preparing to these interviews. There is a large number of different questions, so it is good to know them earlier before the interview, so You will have the chance to prepare for answering them in the best possible way that will increase Your chances to get a programmer job.

JavaScript interview questions and answers – basic information

Different companies that work in different branches are interested in hiring people responsible for computer works and programming. These companies use special questions to asses and select the best possible job candidates with the best qualifications, knowledge, experience and other characteristics specific to the job. These questions focus on practical examples associated with the use of JavaScript, so the recruitment personnel will be able to see if the job candidate is able to perform different tasks with the use of JavaScript.

JavaScript interview questions are very popular among many different companies that work in different countries and represent many different branches of economy. People who organize job interviews ask about practical examples, so You will be required to show Your skills associated with the practical use of the JavaScript language. Thanks to this technique, employers will be sure that they hire the best possible candidates who meet all their strict requirements and they will be able to succeed in their future job.

Practical examples of the most common JavaScript interview questions and examples of good answers

Here You will find some examples of JavaScript interview questions You may be asked in the course of a job interview. There are also some examples of answers, but remember to tell the truth, because interview personnel will ask many other questions, so they will be able to see if You do not lie. There is no one good universal answer, but examples are important, so You will have the possibility to prepare for such interviews. During a job interview, You need to focus on Your advantages. You also need to be focused on JavaScript issues that You may be asked about. There are many types of questions and answers available for sale by different companies. Buying these questions is a great idea that will increase Your chances during different job interviews associated with JavaScript.

1: What is JavaScript

This is a simple question asked to check if the job candidate knows the basics of the JavaScript programming. Every candidate is obligated to know the answer to this simple question.

The example of an answer: JavaScript is a practical and lightweight, interpreted programming language with capabilities oriented to the object. This functional language allows for building interactivity into the static HTML pages.

2: What are the features of JavaScript?

It is another important question that allows for checking if the job candidate knows the basics. Everyone who wants to become a JavaScript programmer needs to know the most important features of this programming language.

The example of an answer: 1. JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. 2. JavaScript was created for building network-centric applications. 3. JavaScript is complementary to and integrated with Java and HTML. 4. JavaScript is known as an open and cross-platform.

3: What are the advantages of JavaScript?

Candidates for JavaScript programmer job need to know what are the good points of JavaScript.

The example of an answer: JavaScript allows for validation of user input before sending the page off to the server. Visitors do not need to wait for a page to reload to check if they have forgotten to enter some values or information. JavaScript programming language allows for creating interfaces that react when users hover over them with a mouse or activate them using a keyboard.

4: Why JavaScript is also known as Richer Interface?

The example of an answer: JavaScript is a programming language that allows for creating a rich interface for site visitors thanks to the possibility of adding sliders or drag-and-drop elements.

5: Is JavaScript case sensitive?

The example of an answer: Of course JavaScript is case sensitive. This programming language requires keywords, variables, function names and other elements and identifiers typed with the use of specific types of letters.

6: How we can create an object in JavaScript

Apart from questions about the basics of the JavaScript programming language. Interview personnel may ask some more specific questions that will check the knowledge, experience, and skills of job candidates. That is why it is important not to lie, because, during the interview, You may hear questions that will check Your knowledge.

The example of an answer: We can create an object in JavaScript using the following method:

var object =


name: “obj”,

age: 10


7: How can we create an array in JavaScript and how can we read array elements?

The example of an answer: Arrays can be defined with the use of the following methods:

  • var x = [sqe%;
  • var y = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];

The length property of an array is very useful for the purpose of its iteration. We can read array elements as follows.

for (var i = 0; i < x. length; i++)

8: How can we define an anonymous function?

The example of an answer: Defining an anonymous function is not a difficult task. We are able to define it in a similar way as a normal function, but in this case, the function will not have any name.

9: What is the difference between “var” and “let” keywords?

The example of an answer: Var is the keyword that exists from the beginning and Let was introduced in ES2015/ES6. Let has block scope and Var has function scope.

10: What is prototypal Inheritance?

The example of an answer: Each object has got a specific property called a prototype. We are able to add methods to the prototype. What is more, we can also create other objects from prototypes and these new objects will inherit properties of their parent’s objects.

Always focus on Your experience and skills that will increase Your chances to get a job as a JavaScript programmer

People who organize interviews ask many types of questions to determine if the employee is able to gain success. They want to know about the knowledge, skills, and experience of the job candidate. Of course, You need to focus on skills that are associated with computers and programming. Be as much specific as You can, because the employer is not interested in experiences, knowledge, and skills that are not associated with the JavaScript programmer job.

It is a good idea to tell about some past experiences and situations in previous jobs. Focus on situations in which You were able to show Your best skills. You can also tell about Your abilities to resolve problems. Sometimes interviewers may ask about Your past mistakes and methods of dealing with them. Do not lie, because, in the next questions, interviewers will be able to determine if You are telling the truth or not.

How to prepare for a javascript interview questions ?

Of course, the best way of increasing chances for getting a well-paid job is preparing for interviews. There are special sets of questions that are characteristic for JavaScript interviews. It is a good idea to prepare a list of our advantages, skills, knowledge, and experience specifically for the job of a JavaScript programmer, so interviewers will obtain only valuable pieces of information.

Additional help in preparation for a job interview

Fortunately, people who want to be well-prepared for a JavaScript interview, are able to use special products associated with these interviews. These are special packets and books that contain information prepared by employers and professional interviewers, so You will know what to expect during a job interview and You will be able to prepare for different, sometimes difficult questions.

If You want to be well-prepared for a job interview, You should check and buy special JavaScript interview questions. These packets include plenty of questions that may be asked during a job interview associated with the position of a JavaScript programmer. There are practical examples available in these sets of information and they also include examples of possible good answers. Thanks to these packs, You are able to get plenty of valuable information about JavaScript job interviews, so buying these questions and answers is a very good investment. Thanks to these products You are able to increase Your chances of getting a lucrative job as a programmer.

We can also find many special books on the market. They are associated with the most common questions that You can hear during a job interview. These books not only present practical examples, but they also include special pieces of advice and tips, so You will be able to prepare for different questions according to Your specific knowledge, skills, and experience. Remember that there is not one universal answer for each question, so buying books with questions, answers and tips is also a very good investment.

Additional useful information for candidates who want to prepare for a JavaScript interview questions.

Good knowledge of JavaScript and its rules is a very important factor, but even the most experienced and skilled specialists may become surprised by some difficult and challenging questions. It means that every person who is interested in improving his or her chances of getting a job has to think about JavaScript interview questions and answers that may be very helpful. It is also good to remember about some actions and rules that are helpful before and during the job interview. Here You can find some useful tips:

  • Focus on The past experiences that show You in a positive light. They include actions, behaviors, leadership skills and specific skills associated with programming.
  • Of course, talk about specific experiences that are associated with JavaScript skills. Do not generalize or focus on skills and knowledge that is not required for a programmer’s job.
  • Be honest and always tell the truth. Do not omit or embellish anything, because interviewers will surely ask additional questions and they will find out if You are lying.
  • You can provide some examples of Your past projects or successes.

How to look for help?

The aforementioned books and packets with JavaScript interview questions and answers are available in different stores. We are able to find them in traditional bookstores and they are also available on the Internet. Good companies offer professional books created by experienced specialists who know current interview techniques. Buying these books is a good investment because You will be able to get information about the most common questions that may be asked during a JavaScript programmer job interview and You will also receive practical tips and advice. Finding online stores or auctions with these questions and answers will not be a difficult task.